Playboi Carti - EVILJ0RDAN Lyrics

Greetings, music lovers. Welcome to LyricsMe! Today, we unravel the beauty within the lyrics of "EVILJ0RDAN" Playboi Carti. Join us on this brief journey as we explore the emotional depth woven into each line, connecting with the universal language that is music.


First I go whip out the boat

No, I can't hit on no brakes

My life is out of control

I'm tellin' you, nobody safe

I've been livin' my life limbo

My ice, it came with a tray

It's so hot, I gotta hide my face

This not a rockstar phase

I'm a emo thug in my phase

Syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup, tell her to go chase

Monkey nuts, hold me, baby, I got on two chains

Roll another blunt and I might motherfuckin' faint

Spin on the block, have a pussy nigga stained

I just put on my boots, ain't worried 'bout no rain

Put a nigga down, Channel 2 front page

You was just askin' for some change, now you changed

Yeah, I told you, yeah, about that money, shit get strange

Fully loaded check, hold up, baby, Jordan paid

I put duct tape on my switch, perfect aim

They can't put me in no genre baby, 'cause I changed the game

We fuckin' on the same ho, but we not the same

Disrespect the 5, I put your ass in the food chain (Swamp Izzo)

Bitch keep callin' my phone, she sayin' Ms. Jackson goin' through her brain (Carti)

We was just outside dancin', movin' on molly, feelin' insane (He's comin')

I fucked the bitch so nasty, we go Sephora, yeah, then we go PINK

She not so fuckin' toxic, and she care about what I think

She's nothin' like no other bitches, she care about what I drink

I think she's a fling

I think she's a play maker

She should be on my team

She should get her a ring

Shit, it can't be me

But she can be on the team

Diamonds, they come out the water

My sock, it come with a ring

The Wraith came with the chauffeur

The chauffeur ready to take me

I am the music

As we wrap up our lyrical escapade, share your thoughts on the echoes that resonated with you in EVILJ0RDAN by Playboi Carti. Music unites us, and your reflections add to the melody. Stay tuned for more musical discoveries!

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