Sugarhill Keem - Smoking All Deads Lyrics

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Sugarhill Keem Smoking All Deads Lyrics

[OY Quan:]

I'm on their rapping, while I'm in the booth

(Like, grah-grah)

I'm on their rapping, while I'm in the booth

I called little Keem getting for the throom

I catch a Gz, yo, watch how I boom

(Grah, grah boom)

I catch a Gz, yo, watch how I boom

Keem in the back with the 40

And I'm spinning a nigga, I'm looking for 6

Oh shit, oh shit: told bro don't trip

Like, gun on my hip (grah-grah, grah-grah)

Keem in the best

(Aye, what?!)

Every opp shot

(Suck my dick!)

(Move, look)

Too tact, while I'm on their block

We see an opp that boy get whacked (Bitch!)

Don't run! Leave you on your ass

Move-look, like, too tact we be coming through

And Quan my brother for him I'mma shoot, like

Toting 10 so you better move

That's a thot she know what I do

I beat up the pussy and I told her to move, like

In the train, I know he gon' shoot

I don't the gun, yeah, he getting blooth, like

Off the Perc don't tell me to move

Smoke JayRip don't tell me to move, like

Nazzy died don't tell me to move, like

Why these opp niggas want The Move, like

Baza touch her, while I'm in the room, like

That's a thot she coming in the move

Bring your friend she know what I do

I beat it up and I told her to move

Why that nigga Benji, he ain't move, like

Y'all link with the opps, y'all think she cool, like

Every opp shot - smoking all deads


I hop out the V, when they see me they run

Ain't link with no hoe if I don't got my gun

Thottie call thottie - now we having fun

Spot me an opp, he get with the TEC

Jacob a dick, nigga died with his vest

You can get shot if you dropping the set

Keem that's my heart, he gon' hop out and blitz

Quan is came home, so you know that it's lit

I'm always outside with the ting on my hip

Ain't ducking no action now I wanna all the smoke

Ganjay, aim it up then that nigga get poked

Glock got a beam and it came with the scope

Yeah, I'm the Trim but I fuck all my Os

Pop me an yerky - start geeking and shit

They're telling me chill, I start tweaking and shit

How I can lack? I got the beam on the blick

Fuck that now we making it tragics

Spot an opp then I making him do backflips

This 40. I got make these niggas do backflips

Watch his body just stretch like an elastic

Ducking in the Ds 'cause they be on my dick

Call me Luka, I ball like a maverick

If I catch a Flocka then he getting shot

Shit getting wocky - I stay with my Glock

Little bitch tryna fuck but I only want top

Jacking the Staty just send me the Addy

On my block it get hotter than Cali

Keem throw a lot then I'm catching in the alley

Bitches be geeking, off Henne' and patty

Spin the Sev and I'm clutching on Latty

Bad little bitch she a—she got the jetty

Tried to line me then you ain't going be happy

I got bitches that tryna get married

Shit getting spooky, this shit getting scary

Bri, Kalie - all them bitches baddies (grah, grah)

Like, when I spin I'm spinning on my knocks

I don't got the gun that boy get popped

Y'all fuck with the opps

Y'all can't chill on my block

Where they at? They can't be on my block

When I spin I'm aiming for tops

You better duck - you better move, bitch

That's a thot, yeah, we spin the 2

As a thot she holding my tool

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